The ghazal is a Persian/Urdu form made of couplets that generally have end rhyme and repeat the last word at the close of the couplet. Many poets encountered the form through Persian poets Rumi and Hafiz. American poet Aga Shahid Ali brought the Urdu form to contemporary American poetry at the turn of the 21st Century. … Continue reading Ghazal


Poem of Instruction

When in doubt, give directions, or instructions. Here are a couple of examples. What makes them work? What is surprising about them? Is there surprise? What kind of language are the poets relying on? What is the relationship between the way the poet is delivering the words and the intention, how the poet wants the … Continue reading Poem of Instruction

348 Advanced Creative Writing

ENGL 348/3 Advanced Poetry Workshop M-W 14:45 – 16:00 Sina Queyras LB 674 2 This is an advanced poetry workshop. The bulk of our time will be spent reading and discussing student work. However, students will also read and discuss contemporary poetry and poetics in book, and from print and online journals that arise … Continue reading 348 Advanced Creative Writing